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Name A Star For Mother's Day

Product Description
Does mum love to look up at the night sky and see what's looking back at her? It's host to billions of beautiful, sparkling entities, and this Name A Star gift set allows you to dedicate one of those sparkling stars in the darkness to your mum.

With a beginner's guide to astronomy, a night sky book and star chart, it's a charming gift for your wonderful mum, whether she's an aspiring astronomer or simply loves to look up at the sky on a clear night. 

The Name A Star For Mother's Day gift box contains everything the recipient needs to register their name with the Intergalactic Star Database. And when mum's looking up at the night sky, on a beautiful, clear evening, you can fetch those coordinates and try to find her star.

How Do I Name My Star? 

Personalise it with the name of your recipient in up to 50 characters.


Introduction letter
A personalised registration certificate bearing your star's new name
Coordinates that help you find the star in the sky
A ‘Stellar Star’ fact sheet
A beginner’s guide to astronomy
A night sky book and a star chart
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