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Personalised 50 Calibre Bullet Beer Glass

Product Description
Key Features:
  • Features an upside down bullet design inside the pint glass
  • Etched with initials
Whether the sun's shining or the rain's hammering at your window, we know that the promise of a beer is enough to put a smile on your face, whatever the weather! Feeling that ice cold bottle, the hiss of the air as you flick off the top and the resounding 'Aaah!' that can be heard for miles! Beer o'clock is surely the best time of the day?! Yet how come the minute you grab that bottle, the excitement of tasting that amber nectar has your hand clamming up and before you know it, your beer feels lukewarm and so much less appealing. You need to bite the bullet, and strike while the iron is hot, sorry, ice cold! Our personalised beer glass is the answer to your tepid tipple prayers! With a double wall of glass, there's no chance of your hands warming anything up as the inner wall will always stay cool, without any condensation! Have it engraved with your initials in a lovely frosted font below a crown icon, so everyone knows to keep their warm mitts off! Made from hand-blown durable glass and finished with a 50 calibre bullet base, you can ensure you stay one step ahead of the game next time you crack open a cold one. We bet you'll be feeling bulletproof...

  • Personalise the glass with initials in up to 3 characters
  • Use our innovative preview function to see how your unique personalisation will look. Simply enter initials and press the Preview button
  • Hand-blown borosilicate glass
  • H15 x W16 x D11
  • 475ml
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