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Personalised 'Keep Out' Metal Sign

Product Description
Do you sometimes dare to venture into the pit that your son calls his bedroom? What with the week old plates you've pleaded for him to bring down (even bribing him with his favourite band's new record didn't work!) but still, there they remain. The walls are plastered with his sci-fi heroes and style icons, while being painted a rather 'unique' shade of red. And who knows what lurks in the corner by the door! 

Make a point when you gift him with this amusing metal sign, reading 'Keep Out... Parental Advisory Explicit Content...Maximum Noise Output, Toxic Emissions, Indecent Behaviour, Enter At Your Own Risk By Order Of [Recipient's name]'. In red, black and white lettering, it features an exact representation of the 'Explicit Content' sign you would find on CD's. Hang it outside his room and personalise it with their name for extra effect.

Looking a bit worse for wear, with mud and dirt stains all over, it looks as if it was recently taken down from the wall of a factory or old power plant. Either that or it's been in his room for far too long! 

What Can I Put On My Sign?

Personalise it with the name you wish to appear in up to 12 characters. 

Use our innovative preview feature to see how it will look with your personalisation. Simply type in your chosen words and press the Preview button. 

Dimensions: 30 x 40cm

Material: Metal
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