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Personalised Natural Double Oven Gloves - Mum's Kitchen

Product Description
Simple double oven gloves, we hear you cry!? Not so, we reply! Ours are personalised with a special message for your favourite chef. So you can finally prove that you appreciate all of the tasty treats mum cooks for you (yes, even the burnt ones!)

One glove is embroidered with a line drawing of a casserole dish and features the word ‘Mum’ in pink lettering, whilst the other is embroidered with your chosen words. Perhaps you’d like to tell mum how much she means to you? Maybe you’d like to put a request in for your favourite dish?! 'Can you make cupcakes please...? x'

Crafted from beige linen, the oven gloves feature diagonal stitching to create a quilted effect, and stuffing to help to keep fingers safe from the heat of the oven and hot crockery. There’s also a handy loop in the middle so they can be hung from a hook or on the edge of a drawer handle.

What Can I Put On My Double Oven Gloves?

We’ll personalise the oven gloves with your unique message, with up to 54 characters.

Use our innovative preview feature to see how the finished oven gloves will look – type in your chosen words and press the Preview button.
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