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Petsies Photo Album

Product Description
Remember that brilliant day out at the beach you had with Rex last year? That amazing selfie you took of the two of you taken just seconds before that huge tidal wave swept over your heads. One of his ears is up in anticipation and his tongue hangs loosely from his mouth, while one of your eyes is closed and that pesky wisp of hair is vertically flying freely of its own accord. Of course Rex is your dog and we're talking about pet selfies, or Petsies as they are named in this brilliant book...

Remembering your pets life is so important. Whether it's a friendly dog, an independent cat or a chilled-out lizard, we encourage you to snap every milestone of their lives as you go along. 

From first 'woofs' to favourite destinations for walkies and pet friends, this barking mad book boasts page after page of advice on taking the perfect petsies. (So that wisp will soon be a thing of the past!)

What should you expect from working with animals? What constitutes as a good fur day? Which side is their good side? And, of course, how should you go about accessorising for the shoot? Following such advice is pages left for specific shots, for example a photo of them 'Looking Cute' a '#nofilter' shot or a 'Furry Friends Forever' photo of the two of you spending quality time together. 

A quirky gift for an animal enthusiast, this humorous book would be sure to make anyone smile, while giving them a proper home for their favourite fluffy memories. 

Dimensions: H16.5 x W16.5cm

Format: Hardback

Pages: 32
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