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Shoe Bag - If The Shoe Fits Buy It In Every Colour

Product Description
Finding a pair of shoes that are comfortable yet stylish can often prove a little tricky, right?

While one pair can feel like you're walking on soft clouds, they probably look like something your Nan might wear yet those patent stilettos you've lusted after for months only cause your feet to turn red and blister. It's quite the conundrum! So when that day comes and you find a pair or shoes that are easy on the eyes (and the feet!) it's perfectly natural to go a little shoe-crazy and buy them in every single colour...

Our shoe bag completely agrees with, and promotes, that mindset and is great for when you're on the go, whether that be to work or the gym! Featuring a stylish monochrome design, one side of the bag is black and the other is white and reads 'If The Shoe Fits Buy It In Every Colour' in a variety of black script and block fonts and is finished with a love heart icon. 

A great gift for shoe lovers!

H35 x W28cm
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