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Star Wars® Darth Vader Retro Bag

Product Description
They say that everyone has a dark side. A side that makes them reach for a fourth cookie, enjoy 'just one more beer' or buy that jacket that means they'll have to live on beans for the rest of the month. To be honest, we think that side sounds better sometimes, giving us an excuse to break the rules and get away with it because the dark side made us do it! 

If you're a longstanding fan of the cult sci-fi movie Star Wars then no doubt you've spent time considering which side you'd join. Obviously, the excitement of being Han Solo's right-hand man is something only dreams are made of, but there is an allure from being the bad guy, something thrilling that may be able to sway you somewhat. 

If you fancy recruiting fellow potential evil geniuses, then this bag is for you. The black design has white piping around the edges and an image of Vader's head divided down the middle, one side boasting red flames, and the other, highlighted in white. Down the sides it reads 'Darth Vader' and a long the bottom 'Join The Dark Side'. The retro style has one shoulder strap and is spacious enough to be suitable as an everyday bag. 

Fill it with your evil master-plans and disguises, or simply your lunch and gym attire! 

Dimensions (approx.): H27.5 x W37.5 x D13.5cm

Material: PU 

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