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The Adult Board Game

Product Description
Who said board games were for kids? Us adults get bored too, and sometimes we don't fancy leaving the comfortable caress of our sofas, let alone even bothering to change out of our pyjamas. 

Get the gang round this weekend, clear all your stress-inducing worksheets off the coffee table, and get stuck in to this fun-filled board game, just for grown-ups! 

Much like a well-loved game, you can buy businesses and film studios, fining each and every person who lands on them. Beware of landing on the question card though. Answer incorrectly and you could be performing an embarrassing task! And watch out for being sent to the dungeon, you can not be released for three turns, unless you roll a double. Think of all the fun you'll miss! 

If you get a kick out of making your friends blush, taking part in forfeits and much innuendo, then grab your rabbit, stallion or pawn playing piece and hope for an easy ride! 

Number of players: 2-8 
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