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The Gift Of Nothing

Product Description
Do you have that one family member who you always find really tough to buy presents for? It's not necessarily that they're picky, rather they always say 'Oh, don't get me anything!' instead... not helpful! 

Well have you ever considered getting them the gift of nothing? Before you go mad and worry about how it would make you look giving them nothing, we don't literally mean nothing. We mean this innovative clear ball of 'nothingness' of course. Never again will you have to worry about gift receipts and disappointed faces as there'll be nothing for them to complain about! 

This new style of gift giving will be sure to change the way you view the stresses of the festive period while giving the recipient a good chuckle. 

Dimensions: Dia: 8cm 

Customer Reviews (5)

100% would recommend this to a friend

/ 5
Just the gift for the person who has hated everything else you have ever given them! lol
By Vivvy4ted from Greater London
/ 5
Good fun gift
For that person who wants 'nothing' for their birthday, this is perfect. It is fun, useless and not expensive. The joke was well received.
By MamaPud from Yorkshire
/ 5
Although expensive for what it is = Brilliant Idea. Great item to buy just for the amusement before the real gift is revealed.
By windyisles from Scotland
/ 5
Nothing - The Best
So you are told to buy 'Nothing' for a surprise 40th Birthday... to the husband she doesn't really mean nothing, she wants something.. which we did buy, but this was priceless, the birthday girl loved it!!!
By KFB73 from Magherafelt
/ 5
Secret Santa
A colleague of mine decided they didn't want to be in the secret Santa within our workplace therefore this is the gift they're getting, my opinion is its their own fault for not wanting to do their bit can't wait to see their face on Christmas day when they get this 'gift of nothing'
By Holliej from Liverpool
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