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Vinderhosen Wine Bottle Cover

Product Description
Is your friend planning a house-warming party? We think a bottle of wine would make a wonderful gift to congratulate them on the big move. While you're at it, why not spruce the bottle up about with this adorable lederhosen-inspired carrier. 

Made out of vinyl, these tiny pants are styled on German lederhosen. Put them on from the bottom and pull them up to the label. They're more stylish than a regular gift bag. Whether it's a formal occasion or not, the dress code will include pants and it shouldn't be any different for the wine!

The vinderhosen is brown with yellow markings. The straps are sturdy and it will fit a 750ml bottle inside. 

Dimensions: H27.3 x W10.8 x D3.5cm (Fits a 750ml bottle)

Material: Vinyl

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