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Virtual Reality Headset

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Product Description
Do you often find yourself looking out of your window on the commute to work thinking about how cool it would be if a T-Rex just walked past? Perhaps you wonder of the reality of working as an astronaut and spending the majority of your time floating about freely in space? 

Well, wonder no more! With this virtual reality headset you can watch 3D movies, play simulated games and experience virtual simulations, simply by downloading them on to your smartphone. Compatible with most, the screen adapts to your movement, allowing you to live in the world you've always dreamed of. 

With 360 degree head tracking, the wireless gadget provides 3D views, with an adjustable lens for the best vision possible. To ensure you can enjoy hours of uninterrupted fun, it has face contact foam and an adjustable head strap. 

Choose from the extensive range of content available to download from the Play Store & App Store, or choose to watch 3D videos online by searching for 'Side by Side 3D' on YouTube.  
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