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Word Map Art Print UK & Ireland

Product Description
Everyone is proud of where they come from. Whether it's because it's where our parents grew up, it's associated with a famous person or discovery, or even just because it looks nice! Have you ever wondered what each nook and cranny of the UK and Ireland is known for? Could you point out where Shakespeare was born? Where in the country is best known for its cider? Or even where your favourite cheese is actually made? 

This brilliant print shows a map of the UK and Ireland, made up of a selection of words and phrases relevant to the area. For example, if you didn't in fact know where Shakespeare was born, the answer, Stratford-upon-Avon is marked with his name. The artistic font intertwines to fit perfectly on every corner and curve. 

A unique piece of art that would fit perfectly in the home of someone who is very proud and passionate about the country. 

Made in the UK

Dimensions: 45 x 46.5cm

Material: Paper 
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