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Unique Mother's Day Gifts Made Especially For Mum

Mum’s are unique, they’re always there, always thoughtful, no matter what our age… and ultimately, they can play a big role in making us who we are today.

This year, we’re celebrating what our mums have taught us, from the fun and silly things, to the more important life lessons they teach us along the way.

So this Mother’s Day we’ve created an exclusive #MadeByMum gift collection to make this Mother’s Day memorable and truly unique. 

All Mother’s Day gifts are especially made for mum and created by you! 

With our Mother’s Day gifts, you’ll be able to say thank you for everything mum has taught you in a very special way. From teaching us to have a sense of humour (and even how to drink wine!) to being kind and honest,’s collection helps you say I love you in your own unique way. 

From wall art and keepsakes, to candles and notebooks, each can be personalised with a message just for them, making it one-of-a-kind just your mum!