Create a high quality personalised candle this Christmas

A personalised candle makes a great Christmas gift from the heart. You can personalise the labels on many of our candles with names and photos, or have a special message printed on them. They’re perfect for family members and friends alike, and will brighten those darker evenings.

Our Christmas candles also make wonderful decorations for your home. We have some lovely traditional candles you can put around your house on the cold winter nights to turn any room into a cosy haven.

Scented candles to fill your home with the smells of the season

We have a selection of festive scented candles, emitting wonderful Christmas smells into the air. Alongside scented candles, we also have some lovely tea lights, tea light holders and festive fragrance diffusers - all of which you can also make personal to suit the recipient perfectly.

Remember someone special at Christmas with a personalised candle

You can personalise a candle as a special memorial for someone who’s sadly no longer here to enjoy Christmas, or for someone you lost around Christmas time. Candles make lovely memorial gifts, especially at a time of year that’s all about thinking of family and friends.

Discover even more peronalised Christmas gifts online for your loved ones, including other beautiful home decorations like Christmas baubles and Christmas doormats, too.