Personalised Christening Teddy Bears - if you need a little inspiration...

When it comes to choosing great christening gifts that they’re sure to love, sometimes the simplest of christening gifts are the best and often the best loved. So instead of trying to spend a fortune on something that’ll live in the back of a cabinet all it’s life, why not take a look at our Cuddly Toy – Christening Gifts range and pick someone cute and cuddly that you know will be loved for a lifetime.

The favourite teddies are the ones that have been with you since you’re little. The teddies you couldn’t sleep without, the teddies that used to drive your parents mad when you lost them and the teddies that were always neatly arranged on your pillow. So when looking for Christening gifts, think about what the child would want rather than the parents and opt for one of our Cuddly Toys- Christening Gifts.

The Personalised Top Teddy Bear is a gorgeous choice with it’s jumper personalised with the name and message of your choice. The Scruffy Teddies are also a firm favourite with kids and adults alike.

For a teddy with a twist, opt for the Personalised Singing Teddy Bear which makes a great addition to our Christening gifts range. The Personalised Teddy in a Tin is also a cute christening gift idea.

Christening gifts with a little character are a great choice when you’re looking for Christening Gifts and so choosing a Cuddly Toy is a great idea.

For more ideas, take a look at the christening gifts range...