Funny & Unusual Mugs They'll Love!

If their usual mug is full of chips and cracks then make their day with a brand new cup to drink their tea or coffee out of!

If they've had a super long day and are feeling especially lazy then this self-stirring lazy mug will do all the hard work for them! Just simply fill up with tea or coffee, add the milk and sugar and press the button for it to do all the stirring! It'll create the perfect drink every time!

This personalised mug is a perfect anniversary gift! It reads '[Number] Years & She Still Hasn't Killed Me.' You can personalise it with the anniversary year that's being celebrated for a funny gift that will remind you of no matter how much you argue, love conquers all!

Make them feel better about being slightly stressed with this personalised if stress burned calories mug. The mug can be personalised with a name to appear with the words 'If Stress Burned Calories [Name] Would Be A Supermodel' in a black font.

So treat them to a brand new mug to drink out of that will make them feel super proud at tea time!