09 June 2020

End Of Year Gifts For Students

The end of the school year is an emotional time for students and teachers alike. Throughout the year, friendships have formed, and lessons have been learned, but the end of the school year means it’s time for pupils to turn the page and embark on an exciting new chapter.

To make the final send-off from class extra special, we’ve made a list of heart-warming end of year gifts for students that will delight and inspire them for years to come.


Personalised books and craft books

The long summer break is a great time to get kids reading! Our exciting selection of personalised books includes everything from nursery rhymes and comics to craft activities like colouring books and football quizzes, so there’s something for every age group. A personalised book makes a great end of year gift for older students, especially if they’re moving up to a new key stage. Just don’t forget to add a custom bookmark, so they’ll never lose their page!


Personalised room sign

We all know that a teenager’s room is off-limits – especially when they’re doing a bit of summer studying. Give the gift of privacy as an end of year present and help them keep their pesky siblings at bay with this personalised room sign. You can get one for each of your class members, personalising each one with their name to make for an extra memorable gift.


Personalised pens and pencils

Stationery is suitable for almost every age group making it a classic end of year gift for students, and our personalised pens and pencils are in a class of their own. Celebrate their grades with a range of exciting personalised designs including llamas, superheroes, and unicorns, or choose a more sophisticated design for older students. You can buy pens in sets of up to 12 for large classes, or individually for a smaller cohort.

You can also complement a personalised pen with a personalised wooden pen pot, giving them a great way to store their stationery and keeping their creative juices flowing all summer long.

Personalised diaries

They won’t miss a moment with our range of 2020 diaries. Available in all shapes and sizes, our fantastic range will help them to plan their summer projects and prepare for the new school year. Choose an academic diary to help them as they move on to their next class, or something a little more creative like a photo diary or travel diary to give them something to work on over the summer holidays.

Personalised keyrings

Our tantalising retro sweets range provides the perfect end of year treat! Most tubs are available in three sizes allowing you to create a tailored tuck shop. Choose from confectionary favourites such as cola bottles, dolly mixtures, and more. Every jar of sweets can be personalised with students’ names, making them the perfect sweet present to celebrate a successful academic year.

Personalised cards

Finally, no matter what end of year presents you settle on, add a custom-made card to congratulate them on their exam success and wish them good luck in their future. Available in A4, A5, and A6, our massive range of cards can be personalised with a name, a special message on the inside, and photos you upload. A personalised card to your students is the perfect send-off and will make sure you’re remembered for years to come.



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We can help make any occasion special with a personalised gift or card. Explore gift ideas and thoughtful cards right here.