20 May 2020

Gifts For Bakers

If you’re lucky enough to know a good baker, you’ll know that their generosity knows no bounds. Passionate bakers will find any excuse to provide delicious baked treats to their friends and family, whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, or any other random day of the year.
So, when the chance finally comes to repay the favour and treat the avid baker in your life, you’re likely jumping at the chance to buy them the perfect baking gift. But if they already have a well-stocked kitchen, what can you get them?

These are our top picks for gifts for bakers in 2020.


All You Knead Is Love Personalised Apron

This adorable personalised apron is ideal for those who love baking bread. Whether it’s your grandma, dad or best friend, add their name underneath the slogan to make it personal. Any baking enthusiast will be delighted with this personalised apron gift as it shows just how much you care.


Personalised rolling pin

Committed bakers are likely to already have most of the equipment they need, but if they love baking, there’s always room for a personalised rolling pin to add to their baking cupboard. Add a message or name to this rolling pin so that every time they pick it up, they’ll think of how much you value them. Ideal for biscuit or pastry makers, it’ll soon become their favourite tool in the kitchen.

Engraved Wooden spoon

A good mixing tool is part of the basic equipment needed for so many recipes: from stews to cakes, so you can never have too many wooden spoons when you’re baking! With this personalised wooden spoon, you can engrave a thoughtful message or their name onto the handle to make sure all their bakes are made with love.

Personalised photo Album

Personalised mixing bowl

They say that things that are made with love taste better, and so this personalised mixing bowl is the perfect gift for those who love baking. Add a name or message to the inside of the bowl to ensure that the gift really hits the right spot. With a diameter of 25cm, it’s big enough to mix batters, doughs, and other ingredients.

Personalised glass cake stand

Being a baker doesn’t stop with a finished cake – part of the joy is in displaying and sharing the creation. With a personalised cake stand, the baker in your life can present their delicious achievements properly at the table for everyone to enjoy. This glass cake stand is especially great for bakers who love to share their bakes online, presenting the perfect platform for photos!

personalised wall art

6 Month's Baking Subscription

The 6 month bakers subscription is perfect for beginner bakers who can’t wait to get stuck into something new, but don’t know where to begin. Every month for 6 months, bakers will be sent one new recipe and the dry ingredients they need to get started. If you know someone who’s desperate to get their start in the baking world but don’t know where to begin, this is for them.




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We can help make any occasion special with a personalised gift or card. Explore gift ideas and thoughtful cards right here.