25 July 2020

Gifts for Guitar Players

Open a world of sonic possibilities for your favourite guitar geek with our list of the best gifts for guitar players. Gifts for guitar players needn’t break the bank, as long as they’re practical or personal. So, whether they’re a laid-back strummer or a death metal shredder, with our list, you’re sure to find a gift that’ll help them make sweet, sweet music.



Capos are nifty guitar gadgets for strummers who want to emulate the unique sounds of their favourite artists. Enabling a quick change of musical pitch, capos are inexpensive and versatile, allowing the user to create entirely new sounds by clipping on to the guitar’s neck, effectively shortening the strings.



Guitar strings

Guitar players always need fresh strings, so why not treat them to a couple of spare sets so they’ll be able to practise their favourite instrument whenever, wherever? Just make sure that they know how to change the strings themselves, first. Otherwise, they’re better off visiting a music shop to get it done for them.

Personalised guitar notebook

Available in both lined and plain paper versions, our personalised guitar notebooks are perfect for penning lyrics and sketching chord progressions. Finished with a classic cream electric guitar on the cover that can be personalised with a name up to 22 characters.


Whether your guitarist giftee is after a practice speaker or a valve-powered sound box, an amplifier is often considered essential kit. Amps are what helps non-acoustic guitarists create their signature sound, letting them turn it up to 11. There is a massive amp market, too, which ranges from humble bedroom-friendly amps to gig-ready behemoths.

Guitar strap

A guitar strap is a must-have accessory for any guitar player, as they make playing for long periods and standing up while playing much more comfortable. There’s a huge range of styles, materials, and lengths available, too, meaning you can shop around to find the perfect strap for your favourite shredder.

Guitar smartphone holder

There’s a huge range of guitar tab apps, but it’s not always easy getting your smartphone to cooperate. Guitar smartphone holders end this problem by clipping to the head of the guitar where the user can see it, so all they have to do is focus on playing.

Personalised guitar chopping board

Real shredders can shred a carrot as well as they can nail a solo, so why not treat them to a rock-inspired chopping board? Shaped like an electric guitar, this ‘Chop Star’ chopping board can be personalised with the name of their favourite musician using up to 12 characters. And at 49 x 22 cm, it’s big enough to handle a kitchen collaboration!

DIY guitar pick punch

Guitar picks are generally loved by guitarists, especially in the early stages of their musical journey, and as anyone who’s played guitar before will know, they get lost a lot. DIY guitar pick punches allow you to make new guitar picks out of old credit cards and other materials. It’s a fun, sustainable way of making guitar picks and disposing of old credit or bank cards.

Gig bag

When they're ready to tear up the local music venue, they'll need a gig bag to transport their equipment. Ideal for storing sheet music, cables, and other accessories, gig bags provide the perfect alternative to hard-shell guitar cases as they're lighter and more comfortable to carry.

Personalised set of 6 vinyl placemats

Celebrate the vinyl revival in style with a set of 6 vinyl placemats – the ideal gift to raise the roof at any dinner party. Choose a colour scheme and message – think musical lyrics, seminal albums, or maybe the title of your giftee’s favourite song. These unique sets are made from pre-loved recycled 23’’ records, so they’re environmentally friendly, too.

Personalised iPhone cover

Many bedroom musicians record music on their iPhones, so what better way to protect their creative genius than with a snap iPhone cover? Fitting all modern iPhone models from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, these bright, bold designs can be personalised with three initials to really make it theirs.

Personalised guitar card

Don’t forget the card! This personalised guitar card is ideal for the guitarist in your life and can be customised with their name – or stage name – in up to 22 characters. Adding a special message inside is sure to hit all the right notes at their next special occasion.




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We can help make any occasion special with a personalised gift or card. Explore gift ideas and thoughtful cards right here.