1 June 2020

Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

The sweetest gifts are the ones that come from the heart so, for Father’s Day this year, make him a homemade gift that he can treasure for years to come. Whether you’re looking for ideas to buy for your dad or want to find the perfect Father’s Day craft present for your children to make, these homemade Father’s Day gift ideas will get the DIY inspiration flowing.


Memories jar

Especially suitable for the dad that works away or co-parents, a memory jar is a great way to celebrate the memories you’ve made in the past as well as get ideas for things you’d love to do together in the future. If you’re making a memory jar with small children, get them to do some drawings of their favourite times with their dad instead of writing down memories.

You can also add other things into the jar to finish it off perfectly. >Personalised wooden key rings or photo upload key rings are a great addition to make a memory jar the perfect thoughtful Father’s Day gift.


Family portrait painting

A professional family portrait is fantastic, but sometimes calling the professionals in can be a bit boring. Instead, put your creativity to the test and create a hand-drawn or painted family portrait that your dad can treasure for years to come.

Using pencils or oil pastels is surprisingly easy – and if you’re not too confident at drawing people, go for something abstract that represents your family. That could be a scene from the garden, your favourite holiday destination or even your dad’s favourite beer or chocolate bar.

If you’re working with young children, their attempts at this will be even more adorable. Make sure you get the results framed and dated so that they can be put up on the wall where they deserve to be.


Beer hamper

Stereotype or not, in our experience it’s rare to find a dad that doesn’t enjoy sipping a cold beer on a summer’s evening. Indulge his favourite pastime with a homemade beer hamper, made up of personalised beer gifts for an extra special touch.

To make a unique beer hamper for your dad, first choose a suitable hamper or gift basket you have lying around, fill it with recyclable packing material like shredded cardboard or paper, and then get to work on choosing your personalised beer-themed items to fill it. A personalised pint glass is a great place to start, with a personalised bottle opener making for the perfect accompaniment.

Then get started on selecting the beers. This tube of three IPAs is sure to be appreciated and to really add a personal touch, upload a family photo to create a personalised bottle of pale ale.

Handmade photo frame

Whatever your age, the most thoughtful gifts are often handmade. Personalise a photo frame by painting or decoupaging an existing frame and add in your favourite photographs of times past.

Got the ideas but not the DIY know-how? Our selection of photo-upload Father's Day gifts is a great place to start. This multi photo upload framed print will do the job perfectly, allowing you to choose the photographs that are most special to you. For those wanting something a little more practical but just as lovingly personalised, this photo upload mug is ideal.

Homemade card

While not strictly a present, there really is no better way of showing that you care than putting in the hours to make a handmade card. Start with a plain coloured card and spell out ‘DAD’ in bubble letters, colouring each one individually with an intricate pattern. Alternatively, get out the paints and decorate the card with his favourite thing: whether that’s sports, gardening, or cooking.

If homemade cards are your jam but you’re running low on time, personalised photo upload Father’s Day cards are a great lazier alternative – upload your favourite memories and get it sent directly to your dad!

personalised wall art

Personalised apron

Aprons are handy for so many different tasks, and if Dad’s current apron is just a bland white one, why not steal it away to customise while he’s not looking. Using embroidery methods like applique or cross-stitch, embellish the apron with his name and his favourite task. If you want to go for something a little bolder, buy some fabric dye and elastic bands and create a tie-dye apron masterpiece.

If at-home customisation isn’t for you, our personalised aprons are a great alternative. Whether he’s a keen gardener, the King of the BBQ, or a baking superstar, he’ll be pleased with his personalised gift.

Breakfast in bed

An oldie but a goodie, breakfast in bed is the best possible way for a dad to start the day so why not get up early and get a full English on the go? If you think he’d prefer something different, try a continental breakfast or porridge with an exciting topping like chopped banana and honey. Make sure that you get his morning coffee just right!

If you’re under 12, ask an older sibling or another parent to help you out. They’ll know how to use the kitchen equipment safely and make sure that your surprise breakfast in bed is the best that it can be.

Vouchers for chores

Everyone knows that the last thing on kids’ minds is helping with household chores, which means that redeemable vouchers for chores are a great homemade gift that will put a smile on his face. Although you hate doing the washing up, making a few vouchers for this is a good idea to ease Dad’s load. Remember to think big: write up a voucher for a car wash, weeding the garden and taking the dog for a walk too!

To transform the chore vouchers into a gift, make sure that they’re neatly written out and presented in a coupon envelope!


A homemade cake is a delightful way to remember any celebration, so why not whip one up just for Father’s Day? Whether his favourite flavour is chocolate, lemon or Victoria sponge, choose something that the whole family will enjoy as you celebrate Father’s Day together.

Decorate it with his favourite fruit, chocolate or sweets to make sure that it’s a cake to remember!

A day out to remember

Last but not least, all Dads will agree that the best present they could wish for is the gift of time spent with their children. Plan a special activity or day out to make new memories. Whether that’s a celebratory BBQ or sports game in the garden, or even a trip to the countryside for a hike in the hills.

Don’t forget to take lots of photographs throughout the day – you never know, they may help out with next year’s homemade Father’s Day present!



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We can help make any occasion special with a personalised gift or card. Explore gift ideas and thoughtful cards right here.