22 May 2020

How to throw a virtual baby shower

Do your family and friends live far away? Or has the corona virus hit the brakes on your baby shower?

Everyone is looking for innovative ways to celebrate special moments safely. Luckily, with a bit of planning, you can still celebrate with them from afar. We’ve laid out the best way to create a virtual baby shower and celebrate with the new mum and dad before the arrival of their little one.


What is a virtual baby shower?

The typical image of a baby shower is the expectant mum and dad’s surrounded by all their family and friends. But now most pregnant women are facing not having one at all, so the next best thing is to bring it online. A remote baby shower isn’t going to replace the real thing, but it’s a lovely way to show the mum-to-be how much you care. All you’ll need is the guests and the internet to get the gang together.



How do I host it?

Firstly you need to send some invitations! Whether you want to go low key and send an email or message via text, or go all out and send some personalised invitations. We’ve got plenty of options for invites, including our  personalised pink and blue harlequin design. You also need to pick a virtual venue for everyone to meet up.

  • Skype is available to use on any computer, tablet or phone, plus you can chat for up to 4 hours with 50 friends.
  • Zoom is free to everyone and you can chat with up to 100 people for 40 minutes. If you need more time you can pay for additional time, but you could also just start a second call after your first 40 minutes runs out.
  • Google Hangouts works for everyone who has a gmail account and can be used for a video call for 10 people. If it’s audio and phone only it’s available for 250 people.
  • Facetime can be used for everyone who has an apple device, and can be used by 32 people at once. The only downside is if someone doesn’t have an apple device it may not be the best option.

Decorations & ways to surprise mum

Just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean you need to drop the decor. Encourage guests to have balloons or banners in the back of their video and don’t forget about mum either. Package up some decorations to have with her, including some sweet treats and the baby shower gifts  everyone has bought too. It’s also a great idea to ask guests to share a piece of advice for the new parent, or a memory they have together.

Play games

Although playing baby shower games is more fun in person, there are plenty of ideas you can play from afar. Here are a few ideas you can try remotely:

  • Name the song: Play a few seconds of baby-themed songs, and get guests to write down their guesses.
  • How big is mum’s belly?: Get mum to measure her bump before the video call starts and get every guest to guess how big mum’s belly is.
  • The Price Is Right: To play this game, the person hosting holds up 5 baby items to the camera and everyone has to write down a price for each item. At the end the prices are revealed and the person with the correct combined total price wins.
  • Who's That Baby? Before the call starts, ask guests to email photos of themselves as babies to the host. The host will then share them with the group and everyone has to try to guess who is who.
  • How Well Do You Know Mum? Create a quiz all about the expectant mum and ask guests to guess

How to open gifts

Not being in the same room can be difficult when you’re trying to open gifts, but you can still open them virtually. If time is on your side, you can request that guests send mum their baby shower gift ahead of time via post, or a doorstep delivery. If they live too far away or don’t have time to send to mum, the person that bought the gift can open it on video for her and send it to her at a later date. Cue the ooh-ing and ahh-ing over cute tiny clothes and gifts.




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We can help make any occasion special with a personalised gift or card. Explore gift ideas and thoughtful cards right here.