22 October 2020

Make Your Own Christmas Decorations

Everyone has unique Christmas traditions, but for many families around the world, coming together to make their own Christmas decorations for the home is a great way to get excited for the festivities to come. Christmas crafting isn’t just reserved for children. Anybody who wants to be creative can join in to design and create something that will look great in the home year after year. If you want to give making your own Christmas decorations a new tradition in your family, read on to find out what our favourite decorations to make are.



Make your own Christmas garlands

These beautiful Christmas garlands can be made with things that you already have in the house. Choose colourful materials and think about how each item looks alongside each other to make the perfect Christmas garland.

  • Purchase an evergreen garland, they are made from the same materials as faux Christmas trees

  • Assemble the materials you want to use: glitter, pinecones, battery powered fairy lights and dried orange circles all look great

  • Lay everything out onto the garland, to ensure that the placement of each item looks correct

  • We suggest carefully mounting pinecones with a glue gun or superglue to ensure a secure hold (and always make sure

  • Weave the fairy lights around the garland, leaving the battery pack within easy reach

  • Cut an orange into slices, lay them out on a sheet of greaseproof paper and bake them at 140C for 45 minutes to 1 hour, turning halfway until they are completely dried out

  • Then use transparent jewellery elastic or waxed cotton cord to add the orange slices, hanging down from the main garland. This will mean that they drape over the fireplace or wall, underneath the garland itself.

  • Voila! You have a beautiful home-made Christmas garland


Paper chain garland

  • Paper chain garlands are the perfect activity for all the family, even the little ones

  • Pre-cut colourful strips of paper around 1 inch x 8.5 inches long – each piece of paper will make one link in the chain

  • Using a glue stick, loop and attach one short end to the other short end, to make a circle

  • Do the same again, but attaching the new paper loop inside the premade paper loop – keep adding until you have a long chain

  • If making a long paper chain, you can ask each family member to make their own, and then attach them together at the end


Decorate your own Christmas stocking

Whether your plain red stocking needs spicing up for Christmas, or if you want to make one from scratch, it can be relatively easy to make and decorate your own Christmas stocking. If you’re not feeling too crafty, this personalised red stocking is the ideal blank canvas to start decorating.

Decorate a Christmas stocking from scratch

  • Decorate the stocking using applique: cut out the shape of a star, angel or present, and sew it onto the stocking

  • You could also add buttons or ribbons tied in a bow to add further interest

Make your own angel tree topper

  • Using a piece of white card, cut a large circle, and form it into a cone, gluing it together to keep it in place – this will be the angel’s skirt

  • Cut out a semi-circle for the wings and decorate it with glitter glue or glitter pieces. Wait for it to dry before sticking it to the paper cone with glue

  • For the angel’s head, cut out a circle, draw on the face, and stick it on, covering the seam between the wings and the cone

  • You can then add any more decoration you want and place it on top of your Christmas tree

Make your own Christmas tree decorations

It’s very simple to make gorgeous Christmas baubles for the tree. For a simple monochrome tree decoration, you can make paper snowflakes and add string to hang them with. Or for a pop of colour, slice oranges or grapefruit and dry them out in the oven as we described above. Once they’re done, poke a hole through the dried fruit and thread a piece of string through to hang them from the tree. It’s a little harder to make your own baubles at home, but you can personalise your own with Getting Personal as a great way to remember special Christmases. Whether it’s the first Christmas in your new home, your first as a married couple, or your baby’s first Christmas, our personalised Christmas baubles are a fantastic keepsake.

Make your own Christmas artwork

Finally, if you want some Christmas decorations with a really personal feel, you can use our artwork upload service to personalise photo frames, cushions, and much more. That means you can get arty with your children, create some lovely Christmas drawings, and then have them on display in your house over the festive season. Our photo upload service is really easy to use and you can create personalised products featuring your own art in just six steps. Try it out for decorations that are a little different this year!




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We can help make any occasion special with a personalised gift or card. Explore gift ideas and thoughtful cards right here.