Want an unusual gift? We're on it...

It’s good to be different! We know that there's nothing quite like a break from the norm to spice things up a bit.

With that in mind, here at Getting Personal we like to offer a selection of gifts that really cater for those moments when in need of inspiration, when only unusual gifts will do. But if you're thinking that this means quirky or humorous, then think again. While we do have an extensive range of humorous gifts, such as our Sudoku Loo Roll or the Potty Fisher, our unusual range has an equal amount to offer.

For those looking to tap into moments of nostalgia during birthdays or a Christmas get-together, we have plenty of novelty ideas to choose from.

Indeed, should anyone close to you have a desire to remember 'their day', we have The 1950s Scrapbook. With the help of this fantastic publication, parents and grandparents can look back upon a bygone era, where rationing, rock 'n' roll and the iconic Mini were all the rage. It might not be so exciting for the kids, but then we've got plenty of unusual gifts for them too, such as Retro Sweets, filled with some classic treats that are sure to keep them quiet for hours. If they are the green-fingered type then how about a box of Carnivorous Plants or a Sunflower Gift Box, or perhaps for an intrepid traveller, a scratch map.

If none of that suits you, then we have experience days like paintballing, a microlighting gift pack or an indoor sky-diving thrill for two.

So have a good look through our unusual gifts range and choose something that’s a break from the norm!